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One cent. You pay one cent (1¢) for each address in your database each month. That’s 1¢/address/month to completely understand your marketing attribution with Quanticfy. A fully transparent and simple way to invest your advertising budget intelligently.


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Price based on the volume of emails in your database. Minimum price : 250$ per month.

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Starting at 100 000 emails in your database.

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A Simple Budget with all Support

Growing your company with highly engaged customers is better when it’s easy. So there are no tiered offers with different features, or services based on your company size.

Make Marketing Attribution Decisions Easily

No setup or hidden fees. Your price varies along with your customer database.

You have access to the full Quanticfy platform to make effective investment decisions and unleash your growth.

Full Knowledge and Support

No limit to the number of users you have.

A Customer Success Manager available for support.

Explore our knowledge resources.

All your historical data is saved.

Support Everything Natively

Quanticfy collects 100% of your visitors’s navigation data and connects all your media and CRM data. We run datascience algorithms to display simple and actionable dashboards.

Take the 15-day trial and make better decisions, faster.

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