Your Data Science Alliance

We are seasoned data scientists with over 20 years of experience and R&D in the e-commerce industry: it's in our DNA to find explanations and solutions by digging into your data. Our mission is to make it possible and tangible, for e-commerce companies, to generate profitable growth through their data.

Team of data scientists with over 20 years of exexperience in the e-commerce industry

Our Founders

Didier Parisot, Co-Founder of The Quantic Factory and Quanticfy

Didier Parisot


Didier has been a data digeratus and an entrepreneur for over 20 years. He has always focused on making his clients’ data valuable for them. This was the founding reason that led to Quanticfy.

Morgan Caron, Co-Founder of The Quantic Factory and Quanticfy

Morgan Caron


Morgan is a passionate developer and an entrepreneur at heart. When Morgan and Didier met, the spark quickly turned into a blazing marketing attribution solution called Quanticfy.

Aymeric Toubeau, CRO The Quantic Factory

Aymeric Toubeau


For his entire career, Aymeric has made clients and service quality his priority while working in infrastructures and SaaS B2B software. His approach ensures that Quanticfy delivers meaningful insights to clients.

Our Values


We put all our energy, involvement and tenacity into our daily work. Your app continually becomes more useful, helping you understand your data even better. So that you master how to grow your sales.

Creativity and Innovation

All problems have a solution. At The Quantic Factory, we create smart, inventive and state-of-the-art technology, continually updated with new features and services, to support you and your Shopify stores.

Honesty and Reliability

Technology has meaning only as long as we believe in it. Which is why our products are reliable from start to finish, giving you a clear view of precise data about your current business activity.