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Quanticflow AI supercharges your email strategies, delivering over 50% enhanced performance. 

Experience the future of email automation today.

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Traditional email marketing automation limitations

Limited Insights: It relies on basic triggers like cart abandonment and welcome, offering minimal behavioral data.

Linear Approach: Engagement follows a fixed sequence, missing out on opportunities when customer context changes.

Lacks Personalization: Messages lack customization, failing to resonate with individual preferences


Advanced email automation tools leverage scoring, AI, and comprehensive data

Holistic Customer Insight: Collecting data from all your sources, including advertising (Meta, Google,...), e-commerce (Shopify, Magento, Prestashop,...), CRM (Yotpo, Recharge, Segment, Klaviyo, ...) and dozens more, enables us to truly understand your customers.

Individualized Engagement: Tailored engagement surpasses other systems.

Hyper Personalization: Our system calculates and selects individual product recommendations, powered by a robust recommendation engine.

How QuanticFlow works ?

Our solution is as easy as pie... and who doesn't love pie?

1. Connect 

Install our App on your e-commerce Website
Guided and automated setup.

2. Upload templates

You, or your agency, upload the necessary templates into your email provider for our solution following our instructions.

3. Collect 

QuanticFlow automatically collects ALL your marketing data from ALL your sources.

No more tasks required!

QuanticFlow automates operations seamlessly.
Great dashboards will help you understand your customers and grow faster than ever!

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Exemple of results with one of the top 5 fastest-growing DNVB in France, a beauty brand with international influence. Thanks to Quanticflow : 

+600% total revenues increase in 3 years (thanks to high-quality customer acquisition AND CRM 😊)

+150% LTV on best customers cohorts

emailing ‘good’ pressure X1.5, no potential buyer is forgotten

CRM reach from 20% to 50% of total sales

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High Lifetime Value = Pression * Personalization

This is why our conversion rate outperforms all other email automation systems : 

Supercharge Your Growth with AI-Driven Email Automation

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Four cents. You pay just 4¢ for each address in your database each month to enhance your email automation performance by up to 50%.


If you have less than 25 000 contacts in base.

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Starting at 25 000 contacts in base.

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Starting at 50 000 contacts in base. 

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"We have been working with Quanticfy for 3 years now, and it is used every day by our growth teams to measure the performance of our marketing actions. We recently set up a geolift, which allowed us to understand the overall impact of Meta and Google on our sales (clicks + views). And what a surprise! The ROAS were completely different from those displayed by the advertising agencies. This allowed us to readjust our investments to accelerate our business while controlling our profitability."

Sisters Republic

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"Our goal is to make our store even more efficient. Quanticfy gives us the right ROAS figures, and allows us to adapt our strategy by identifying the lifetime value of our customers media by media. Our growth hackers are now making the right investment decisions to maintain a positive ROI in the short and long term."

Rivedroite Paris

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"We had two problems concerning our marketing campaigns: 1- to measure our ROAS with veracity to better understand our business and 2- to have synthetic media KPIs for top management. Quanticfy brings us exactly the KPIs and figures we need to track the effectiveness of our marketing investments."