Fuel Media with Your Consumer Data for Explosive Growth!

Transition from third-party trackers to cutting-edge server-side solutions. Activate 100% of Your Data Capital to Reach Every Potential Buyer. Elevate your media and CRM strategies, and drive your growth. Fully GDPR and adblocker compliant.

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Classic Server-Side systems offer no improvement over third-party data tracking.

Limited Data Scope: Replicating pixel/cookie logic, they overlook crucial purchase intent data.

Consumer Recognition Gap: Non-logged e-commerce website traffic lacks customer-centric data, making server-side solutions less efficient.

Uncertain Performance Metrics: They rely on empirical, questionable methods for measuring data impact on campaigns.


Holistic data and AI approach delivers what media needs: all your potential buyers.

Complete Customer Insight: Gathering data from media, e-commerce platform, your site, CRM, loyalty programs and more deepens customer understanding, such as predictive LTV.

Cross-device recognition: 3 years of e-commerce R&D achieves >30% visitor recognition, offering valuable media data.

Datascience focus: We prioritize statistical evidence, ensuring only proven performance.

1 click. 30+ Integrations with Digital Marketing Channels and Tools.

Drive Rapid and Strong Growth by Providing Media with the Data They Need

100% of customers Interactions are captured: clicks on ads, emailing, subscriptions, loyalty, website visits, forms, carts, orders…
Data cleansing, organization and analysis.
Recorded Interactions, predictive behaviours and LTV are sent to digital media and marketing tools to boost ads performance.

How QuanticSide works ?

5 mn to boost your campaigns.

1. Connect 

Install our App on your e-commerce Website
Guided and automated setup.

2. Share access

Grant us appropriate access rights to inject your data into your media app

3. Collect 

QuanticSide automatically collects ALL your marketing data from ALL your sources.

No more tasks required!

QuanticSide automatically enhances your campaigns.

Powered by QuanticSide !

Exemple of results with one  of the most trendy french wine reseller with international influence. Thanks to QuanticSide: 

+20% total revenues increase in 1 year

+30% ROAS on ads using data from quanticside

+15% sales from CRM thanks to new events injected in Klaviyo

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Increase Your Conversion Potential

Get the most out of QuanticSide's power !

Harness the Full Potential of Your Data to Engage Every Prospect

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The more you sell, the less you pay!
Increase your advertising campaign's ROAS by up to 30%


Under 1000 orders per month

150 $
per month
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Until 10 000 orders per month

450 $
per month
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Up to 50 000 orders per month

850 $
per month
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Faster and Easier Ad Spend Decisions


Sisters Republic

Rivedroite Paris


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"We have been working with Quanticfy for 3 years now, and it is used every day by our growth teams to measure the performance of our marketing actions. We recently set up a geolift, which allowed us to understand the overall impact of Meta and Google on our sales (clicks + views). And what a surprise! The ROAS were completely different from those displayed by the advertising agencies. This allowed us to readjust our investments to accelerate our business while controlling our profitability."

Sisters Republic

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"Our goal is to make our store even more efficient. Quanticfy gives us the right ROAS figures, and allows us to adapt our strategy by identifying the lifetime value of our customers media by media. Our growth hackers are now making the right investment decisions to maintain a positive ROI in the short and long term."

Rivedroite Paris

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"We had two problems concerning our marketing campaigns: 1- to measure our ROAS with veracity to better understand our business and 2- to have synthetic media KPIs for top management. Quanticfy brings us exactly the KPIs and figures we need to track the effectiveness of our marketing investments."