Be Your Customers’ Master of Growth

Higher sales create happier customers. Happier customers make you a winner. So drop media platform reports for your investment decisions. Quanticfy gives you the true performance of your Shopify customers’ campaigns, and their most profitable channels. Lead your customers to growth using high value KPIs that are unique on the market.

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Earn More with Quanticfy

Create a proven growth strategy for your Shopify customers using their first party data.

1. Identify their most profitable channels

Drop those that underperform, and invest in the highest performing channels to grow over the long term. ... - and unlock your budgets.

2. With their trust, you invest more

Show your customers what actually works, and what decisions to repeat. Investing more in the right places will produce bigger sales – and more commission for you.

3. Use a data tool designed for all types of business

Subscription, media, omnichannel, marketplace imports… Quanticfy adapts to each of your customers. Your attribution marketing understanding is all the more precise and accurate.

4. Your customers win, you win

By choosing Quanticfy to run your customers’ campaigns, we pay you a 10% commission on all sales generated by Quanticfy for each customer over a given period. And since you’re investing for their growth…

Features Just for You

Manage all your brands from a single account, with a separate view for each. Build tailored reports to share with each customer.

  • One account for all your customers
  • Unlimited number of users
  • White label option
  • Customize your email reports
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All the Support You Need

Got a problem? We help you solve it.

  • Join our Slack community and speak to our Customer Success team
  • We provide support to onboard your customers and launch new features, and can help with strategic meetings
  • With Channel Management, you get help with new features, and with reaching your objectives

Invest, grow, scale their sales.
Your customers will love you.

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