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Quanticfy lifetime value dashboards help you create customer acquisition and retention strategies that pay with every sale. By analyzing short-, medium- and long-term customer profitability based on which channel they came from, you place your ad spend exactly where it’s most valuable. Your business harvests and grows.

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Your Lifetime Value Channels that Thrive

Identify the marketing channels that generate the most sales for your business for the longest – that have the highest lifetime value (LTV). Then adjust your acquisition strategy according to each LTV, from the most to the least risky.

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Life time Value per Channel  Dashboard - Quanticfy
Client value Dashboard - Quanticfy

Invest in Your Customer Capital

Your opt-in email database is pure gold, and it’s all yours. Take care of these converted customers to generate repeat sales for you and higher LTV.

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From Acquisition to Long-Term Retention

Which of your customers are responsible for your growth? Identify the acquisition strategies you use that result in higher LTV for each. Copy. Adapt. Grow.

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Life time Value Dashboard -Quanticfy
Life Time Value (LTV) by Cohort - Quanticfy

Customers with Exponential Potential

The LTV dashboard by cohort helps you identify your most valuable customers. Transfer your resources from low or no value customers to those who truly engage with your offer.

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