Measure Your Influence Marketing Performance

The only way to find out if paid influence is having a real impact on your business is to measure each influencer’s and each publication’s true impact on your sales. With Quanticfy’s exclusive feature, you include influence in your attribution calculations. As one channel in the full mix, you see what share influencers have in generating sales for you.

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Measure Post View Impact on Your Sales

Promo Codes and Ads that Add Up

Forget Excel spreadsheets for tracking influence campaigns! Enter your promotional codes into Quanticfy. You learn precisely how much influence they actually have on your sales, as a percentage. And therefore just how effective your influence campaign is in your customer journey.

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Ace Your Influencers with Your ROAS

Influencers are one of the many channels where your customers discover you. You can therefore see how much a campaign actually contributes to your sales, like any other channel. Compare with your investment for a clear picture of your ROAS.

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Measure Your Influencer Post View Impact

Go even further in analyzing your influencer campaigns. Run an AB test using our robust Geolift offer. You’ll discover the much bigger picture of how influence post views are impacting your sales.

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Geolift shows the Power of Post View

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