Get Smart with Your Acquisition Plan

Invest your advertising budget only where it converts and multiplies sales. With Quanticfy, you precisely identify the true ROAS of your advertising campaigns and your most effective advertisements. Escalate for healthy growth.

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Your Media Activity at a Glance

Consult and compare all your advertising costs and ROAS by acquisition channel. Collecting all your first party data from all channels, 92% of your ad spend is fully attributed, for a far more precise ROAS.

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Spot Your Best Ad Spend Trends

Why advertise to customers who have already converted? Check that your ads attract mainly new customers. Identify the exact ratio between sales generated and your total ad spend.

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Gain from Your Campaigns

Analyze which of your campaigns are most profitable, ad by ad and day by day. Copy and adapt to reel in sales more easily. Grow your business with full advertising knowledge.

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Measure the performance of all your marketing channels, advertisements and new customers.-

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